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Whew, the #30DayMapChallenge is something else. This is my first year attempting it and I managed to produce 30 maps. They aren't masterpieces but I did have fun making them and that's all that matters. 

Visit for more information. 

Day 1: Points

Points representing wind turbine production overlayed onto average wind speed at 100m. Most of the Netherlands has commercially viable wind speeds. #Climate #Sustainable #Energy

Day 2: Lines


Day 2: Lines - Isle Royale is one of the least visited #NationalParks. Rural and rugged, #IsleRoyale is only accessible by ferry or float plane. The park closes for winter and the wolves take care of it until spring. @PureMichigan @NatlParkService

Day 3: Polygons


Day 3: Polygons - Let's take a trip to #SaudiArabia and learn about water and population distribution. Why do Saudis live in the desert instead of near the coast? #Geography #HumanGeography Special shout out to @S_Alwulayi for helping me find this data.

Day 4: Green


Day 4: Green - #India's green #energy adoption is rapidly underway with multiple states already at 100%, creating a better future for the next generation. #ClimateChange #environment #CleanEnergy

Day 5: Ukraine


Day 5: #Ukraine - This map shows the parts of Ukraine that are not Russia. Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля #StandWithUkraine️

Day 6: Network


Day 6: Network: I'm very proud of how diverse my Twitter network is. India (53%), USA(24%). “No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” – Mahatma Gandhi!Kevin_B_Haynes

Day 7: Raster


Day 8: OpenStreetMap

Day 7: Raster - Today let's explore Mount Fuji, Japan using ArcGIS raster functions. I've created an aspect-slope analysis to explore just how cone-shaped Mt. Fuji actually is. #GIS #justforfun


Day 8: #OpenStreetMap - The #Hyderabad metro revolutionized transportation in Hyderabad, #India. What I love most about it is being able to see the city from an elevated new perspective.

Day 9: Space


Day 9: Space - Today I made a map of the approximate landing sites and major geographic features on Mars. Maybe our grandchildren's generation will have the opportunity to become stellar cartographers if we don't destroy the earth first.

Day 10: Bad Map


Day 10: A Bad Map - Today, I made a bad map about bad criminals: Recidivism by State. What's going on in New Mexico? 

Day 11: Red


Day 12: Scale

Day 11 - Red: Tamarack trees turn a reddish-golden in the autumn.


Day 12: Scale - Our Oceans are huge. The most remote place on earth is Point Nemo, over 1600 miles from the nearest island. Point Nemo is also where space agencies control drop satellites from space.

Day 13: 5 Minute Map


Day 13: 5 minute map - Understanding natural patterns in ecosystems and land use helps us to more effectively reconnect fragmented landscapes to recover and sustain biodiversity.

Day 14: Hexagons


Day 14: Hexagons - The Old City in #Hyderabad, #India is one of my favorite places on Earth. So I made this. If you want to make something like this do not follow this

@John_M_Nelson tutorial

Day 15: Food/Drink


Day 15: Food/Drink - I decided to dip my toes into Tableau to explore global tea production and consumption. I only learned how to configure Tableau widgets. Looks like there is a lot more to learn but it seems like nifty software; I like it.

Day 16: Minimal


Day 16: Minimal - Charleston, SC is arguably the most well-preserved and beautiful historic city in the United States. That beauty is made possible by enslaved peoples. The horrific history of Charleston must be acknowledged to fully appreciate its beauty.

Day 17: Map Without a Computer


Day 17: #Map without a computer - instead of a map, here is a whiteboard from my office. I don’t know many professionals who can explain MAUP let alone differences between interpolation or statistical methods. I am a scientist first, and an artists second. #gis

Day 18: Blue


Day 18: Blue - Sir Creek is an uninhabited tidal estuary at the mouth of the Indus river and marks a major point of contention between India and Pakistan. There's no reason for it to be blue but it looks pretty.

Day 19: Globe


Day 19: Globe - #GreatLakes

Day 20: My Favorite...


Day 20: My favorite... explorer - In the 14th century, Ibn Battuta traveled more than 73,000 miles. His travel accounts had lasting historical and geographical impacts. #OG #Islamic #Geography

Day 21: Kontur Population Dataset


Day 21: Kontur Population Dataset - The Mekong river is a primary feature of the Cambodian national economy. This map shows the population within 25km of the Mekong. I spent a good amount of time in Cambodia and it's a wonderful place. I suggest you go.

Day 22: Null


Day 22 Null - Rama's Bridge connected India and Sri Lanka until 1480 when a storm blew it away. Is that a Null bridge? I also used #Landsat 7 imagery which has lines of null data due to the malfunctioning onboard scan line corrector. #GIS

Day 23: Movement


Day 23 Movement - The Crusades

Day 24: Fantasy

GEOstan 2022-11-22-08-35.jpeg

Day 24: Fantasy - The Isles of Geostan

Day 25: 2 Colors

2 Colors.jpg

Day 26: Islands

Day 25: 2 Colors - #Yooper /ˈyo͞opər/ noun INFORMAL• US - A native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of #Michigan. #GIS


Day 26: Islands - Ever wonder where water flows on Saipan in the North Mariana Islands? Now you know.

Day 27: Music


Day 27: Music - An American Band: Locations referenced in

@GratefulDead Songs. The dead played more than 2,300 concerts from 1965 to 1995. 

Day 28: 3D


Day 28: 3D - Poverty in South Carolina #30DayMapChallenge

Day 29: "Out of my Comfort Zone

Artboard 1.png

Day 29: Out of my Comfort Zone: After graduate school I moved to South Carolina to work at the SC National Guard, after 3 months COVID-19 hit and I was thrown into doing rapid health data analysis. My analysis was used to decide where testing and vaccination sites went, and where National Guard resources were sent. 

Day 30: Remix


Day 30: Remix - Finally, we're at the end. I decided to remix my globe graphic. This time instead of the Great Lakes, we're looking at the magnificent Himalayan mountains, one of my favorite places on earth. 

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