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“Geography is a subject. But also a framework within which you can talk about the future. And what ought to happen."
–Jack Dangermond
Me next to the 16th century Puranapool Bridge in Hyderabad, India. 

I am a geographer working to pioneer problem solving with geospatial technology. My expertise includes spatial data science, ESRI ArcGIS technology, administering GIS enterprise solutions, management and cartography. I enjoy strategic planning to leverage GIS technology and geo-enabled data to achieve business goals and mission objectives. My colleagues would describe me as a driven, resourceful team member, with a proactive attitude and an ability to clearly communicate technical ideas to technical peers and non-technical managers and customers.

I believe in results, not products. I use GIS and remote sensing techniques as tools to solve problems. I think of GIS as an art and a science because it is both quantifiable but takes honed critical reasoning, creativity, and professional ethics to deliver results. I am also trained in quantitative and qualitative survey techniques and archival research. My mixed-methods background gives me the ability to think beyond technology to find the best solutions.

I had the great privilege to have spent several years living in, studying in, and researching in India. My geography thesis explores the history of urbanization in Hyderabad, India. I use a mixed-methods approach, applying satellite-based remote sensing and historical archival research in Telangana, India, to better understand current and future urban challenges. I argue that to understand urban problems, we must understand how the physical space of cities has and continue to evolve as a result of historical processes. 

I also have three years of international higher education administration experience. I focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of programs using evaluation methodology. I provided formative and summative evaluation feedback that decreased costs and increases outcomes. I designed quantitative and qualitative research methodology, collected data, and provided analysis on international education programs to help executive leadership make informed data-driven decisions. 

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