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“Geography is a subject. But also a framework within which you can talk about the future. And what ought to happen."
–Jack Dangermond
Me next to the 16th century Puranapool Bridge in Hyderabad, India. 

Welcome to my website, where I'm thrilled to share my professional journey as a GIS expert with a strong focus on conservation. With a deep passion for the environment, my career has been centered around leveraging GIS technology to contribute meaningfully to conservation efforts and achieve sustainable objectives.

As an experienced GIS professional, my expertise lies in managing and leading GIS programs. I view GIS as both an art and a science, utilizing critical reasoning and creativity to deliver impactful results. My approach is not just limited to technological solutions but involves a comprehensive understanding of the environmental challenges we face.

Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to using GIS and remote sensing techniques as powerful tools to address conservation problems. I strongly believe in the importance of utilizing my mixed-methods background to think beyond technology, enabling me to identify the most effective solutions for the unique challenges posed by conservation initiatives.

My extensive experience in GIS program management has allowed me to lead the design and implementation of GIS solutions tailored to meet specific conservation needs. From inception to completion, I have successfully managed complex cross-functional teams in delivering conservation-focused GIS projects. With a keen eye on budgets, schedules, and project risks, I ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of conservation initiatives.

My academic background, which includes a Master of Science in Geography, a Master of Public Administration, and a Certificate in Geographic Information Science from Western Michigan University, has equipped me with the necessary skills to excel as a GIS program manager with a conservation-oriented approach.

Beyond my technical expertise, my colleagues describe me as a driven and resourceful team member with a proactive attitude. My ability to communicate technical ideas to both technical peers and non-technical stakeholders is invaluable in building strong partnerships and garnering support for conservation projects.

Combining my GIS proficiency and passion for conservation, I am dedicated to making a lasting impact on the environment and preserving our natural world for generations to come. Join me in this vital journey as we work together to create a more sustainable and harmonious planet. Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to collaborating with you for a greener future.

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